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This character is from the Ninja Gaiden franchise, as well as Dead or Alive and Dynasty Warriors.

Ryu Hayabusa is the epitome of a present day ninja, his Legendary Black Falcon outfit's sleek design is similar to that of the modern special ops agent, while the tabi boots, ninja head piece, mask, scarf and shin/forearm guards are reminiscent of the ancient ninja warrior.

As a ninja, Ryu ruthlessly kills his enemies without mercy, executing them in a very cold, technical and calculative fashion. His rigorous upbringing in tandem with the many hardships and tragedies he has suffered, has forced Ryu to harden his emotions and disciplined his skills to perfection. He is undaunted by the lives he must take in order to protect the balance within the world, knowing that balance of the world is more important.[1]

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Ninja Gaiden cosplay
AyaneBaron SpiderDoppelganger FiendElizébetEpigonosKasumiMomijiRegent of the MaskRyu Hayabusa

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