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The Prince is the protagonist in the Sands of Time Trilogy. In The Sands of Time, young and arrogant, the Prince discovers the Dagger of Time and claims it as the ultimate prize. When he is tricked by the Vizier into releasing the Sands of Time, he allies himself with the Princess Farah of India to recapture the Sands. The Forgotten Sands sees the Prince using the experience of his previous adventure against the Sand Army and their leader, Ratash, again with the help of an aid named Razia, a Djinn. Warrior Within and The Two Thrones finds the the Prince on a dark path when he becomes the target of the Dahaka, Guardian of Time, and the road of redemption when he seeks to avenge his city when it falls under siege from the Scythians and a resurrected Vizier.[1]

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Prince of Persia cosplay
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