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Loki Laufeyson is the son of Queen Farbauti and King Laufey leader of the Giants of Jotunheim. Odin found Laufey and killed him, while his wife, Farbauti, was also killed in battle. When looking over the castle Odin found a tiny giant baby screaming.

Throughout their childhood and into adolescence, Loki became resentful of how differently he and Thor were treated by the general Asgardian citizenry. Valuing great strength, tenacity and battle-bravery above all, the Asgardians clearly favored Thor. Loki's gifts, however, lay in other areas, most notably sorcery. Possessing a natural affinity for commanding great magical forces, he schemed to use his power to destroy Thor and become the most powerful in all of Asgard.[1]

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