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Lilith is Borderlands "Siren" class. She is originally from the planet Dionysus and is one of six Sirens, a group of women with unbelievable powers.

After the opening of the Vault, Lilith and Roland traveled to Pandora's moon Elpis under the claim that they were on a romantic getaway. In truth, they and Mad Moxxi were on a mission to infiltrate the under-construction Helios Moonbase and sabotage a dangerous superweapon that Jack had built. Later, Jack finds a Vault on Elpis and obtains an Eridian relic that grants him visions of The Warrior's existence, but Lilith appears and destroys the relic, creating a blast of energy that brands Jack's face with a Vault emblem and drives him into insane vengeance.[1]

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