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Kasuga is a fictional ninja introduced in Sengoku BASARA (Devil Kings). Her name may be a reference to Kenshin's main fortress, Kasugayama Castle.

Kasuga was sent on a mission to kill Kenshin. However, when she was about to strike him, she fell in love with Kenshin. Because of her failure to assassinate him, she was banished from her village. From then on Kasuga served Kenshin and became his most loyal ninja. She takes her instructions seriously, and due to the Kenshin's battles with Takeda Shingen (as well an implication that they are from the same ninja village) a rivalry grew between Kasuga and Sarutobi Sasuke.[1]

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Sengoku BASARA cosplay
Date MasamuneHonda TadakatsuImagawa YoshimotoItsukiKasugaKyōgoku MariaIi NaotoraMiyamoto MusashiNōhimeSaika MagoichiUesugi Kenshin

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