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Anemone is the pilot of the Nirvash typeTheEND. Anemone is regularly accompanied by her strange and overweight pet badger, Gulliver. Dewey Novak assigns Dominic Sorel to be her caretaker, so that he can monitor her condition as his plans develop. Anemone was biologically modified in some way to make her more like a Coralian and conditioned to pilot TheEND. Anemone was the only case that ever survived the medical treatments that the doctors put her through, but was damaged both mentally and physically. As a result of these grueling experimentations, she regularly suffers from painful headaches, nose bleeds, and emotional instability, most of which can be temporarily treated with a drug injected into a receptor in her neck.[1]

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Eureka Seven cosplay
AnemoneEureka ThurstonGidgetRay BeamsTalho Yūki

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